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Dear soon-to-be subscriber,

In July 2018, we started giving students the opportunity to subscribe to the digital+online version of the magazine for a significantly discounted offer (10 euros per year instead of 30 euros) as this is important to us that the magazine be accessible to those for whom it can be useful. A few years later, these student subscriptions represent about 25% of all our subscribers, but only 4% of our incomes. Since we are almost exclusively self-funded, we would like you to read the two following points before you subscribe to this option:

  • if you are not a student but opt for this subscription anyway, we are considering that you have your reasons as we know that students are not the only economically precarious social position in the world, far from it!

  • if you are a student but have the material means to subscribe to the regular print+digital+online formulas, please consider that those are what allow us to exist and we would really appreciate you supporting us all the way. 

Once you’ve read this, you may subscribe to the student-discounted option below. It will entail you to 6 annual issues in their PDF version, as well as a yearly access to the full online archive.

(artworks above by Ayham Jabr, Pola Maneli, and Isip Xin)