#26 (Nov-Dec 2019)
Kids of the World, Unite!

The Funambulist 26 Vignette
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Welcome to the 26th issue of The Funambulist. This issue is a particular one as our targeted readership is a 8-14 year-old one. So if you have a younger friend or children, be a doll and have them read it before you do! 🙂

We are very excited to present an issue that collaboratively put together with brave teenagers and activists aims at engaging the younger generation. Kids of the World, Unite! takes on a difficult task to pedagogically depicting various facets of, in many cases ever-existing, political discussions with a main dossier that presents a broad variety of struggles experienced by children. Whether it be how a cat saved a contributor’s mother’s life during the Viet Nam war (Patricia Nguyen & Hai Minh Thi Nguyen), growing up as a Black child during the South African Apartheid (Cathryn Moodley & Boniswa Khumalo), the story of the Indigenous queen of Ayiti (Paula Anacaona & Claudia Amaral), the notion of gender from a child and a maddy’s perspectives (Adel Tincelin & Charlie Tincelin-Perrier), the existence across roots and cultures (Yiling Changues), learning to make a protest banner (Aram Han Sifuentes), or the fact of being Black and adopted (Amandine Gay & Natacha Nze Ndong).

As usual, our News from the Fronts section that opens each issue and complements the main dossier, includes articles reflecting on ongoing struggles. This time, we asked five 18 to 20 year old activists to share with us stories from their fronts in Hong Kong (Rachel Wong), Britain (Rosamund Zipporah), Ecuador (Erika), Martinique (Alexane Ozier-Lafontaine), and the U.S (Rooha Haghar).