Free 6 Months Access to the Online Archive


Dear reader,

We are committed to making our content as fairly accessible as possible and we are willing to offer you a 6 month access to the totality of The Funambulist magazine’s articles in their online version if you’re not in a position to afford our subscription rates. However, please do read the following before choosing to benefit from this offer:

  • We offer a significant student discount: for 10 euro a year, you can receive 6 digital issues and have access to the full online archive as well. If you’re not a student, but you can afford this rate, feel free to take this discount on the subscription page
  • One of our formulas for individuals consists in paying a monthly rate of 2.50 euros, which gives you access to the latest issue in digital and to the full online archive as well. You can unsubscribe from this formula at any moment you’d like.
  • Subscriptions are 2/3rd of our incomes and sales/subscriptions of the magazine amounts to 85% of our incomes; we are a small structure with significantly different budgets than the ones of similar publications and we need these subscriptions to continue doing what we do. We therefore request that you consider that before opting for this free option. 

That being said, we of course understand that so many of us live in great economic precariousness and such a status should not prevent them to have access to the contents produced for our magazine, hence this possibility of a 6-month free access to our archives. By subscribing below, you will have to go through a similar process than the purchasing one: you will be asked for an address, but not for any credit card information.

Thank you very much for your interest.