“Fight Back” Package: Self-Defense + Kids of the World, Unite! + Our Battles

Fight Back Package4'

Here’s a special offer to catch up with some of our latest issues! We’re proposing these three issues as a “fight back” package for a 45% discounted price:

  • The Funambulist 25 (Sept-Oct. 2019) Self-Defense takes on difficult questions such as: why should we always comply to a practice by default of non-violence? Could we even think of an ethics of violence applicable to the struggles with which we are involved? And finally, when is self-defense legitimate?

  • The Funambulist 26 (Nov-Dec. 2019) Kids of the World, Unite! is a particular one as its targeted readership is a 8-14 year-old one. It attempts to pedagogically depict various facets of, in many cases ever-existing, political discussions with a main dossier that presents a broad variety of struggles experienced by children.

  • The Funambulist 28 (Mar-Apr. 2020) Our Battles  depicts six punctual uprisings in the history of longer political struggles between anticolonial, antiracist, and/or antiauthoritarian movements and the forces of state oppression. To complement our contributors’ text, we commissioned South African architecture graduate Roanne Moodley to produce over 20 drawings for it.