#38 (Nov-Dec. 2021) Music and the Revolution (Pre-Order)

The Funambulist 38 Vignette
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Until November 2nd, we offer you the possibility to pre-order the print+digital version of our new issue, The Funambulist 38 (November-December 2021) Muic & the Revolution. When pre-ordering it, you will receive your physical copy in the earliest delays, and will then receive the digital version of the issue on November 2nd, the day of the official release. If you like our editorial project (both open-access and magazine) and have the means to do it, we’d really appreciate your support through orders or subscriptions (we have many available options).

Welcome to our last 2021 issue! It is dedicated to the relationship between music and the movements of liberation. Its gorgeous cover was created for us by Pola Maneli. In the issue, you’ll find a 10-page “carte blanche” offered to Chimurenga entitled “Liberation Dance: When Tarzan Met the African Freedom Fighter,” a text and cartography of North African music labels in Paris by Hajer Ben Boubaker, two interviews of Rocé (“By the Wretched of the Earth”) and Elias & Yousef Anastas (Radio Alhara), four articles about Afro-Colombia sound systems (Edna Martinez), Indian classical music & casteism (Avdhesh Babaria), Pan-African rap in West Africa (Inem Richardson), and a critique of the political imperative in Levantine musical production (Maan Abu Taleb), as well as six short texts around one song from Romania (Ioanida Costache), Algeria (Lydia Haddag), Chile (Lissell Quiroz), the U.S. (Tao Leigh Goffe), Australia (Léuli Eshrāghi), and France (Léopold Lambert).

This issue’s “News from the Fronts” tackles the Chagossian struggle (Audrey Albert & Shane Ah-Siong), the fight by/for migrants and refugees in Naples (Movimento Migranti e Rifugiati Napoli), and the organizing work of Southern Solidarity between New Orleans and New York (Jasmine Araujo).