#36 (July-Aug. 2021) They Have Clocks, We Have Time

The Funambulist 36 Vignette
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Welcome to the 36th issue of The Funambulist. With it, we conclude our sixth year of publishing, thanks to the continuous support of our subscribers! They Have Clocks, We Have Time is an issue to challenge the colonial standardization of time, its measurement, its retrospective reading as “history” (WAI Architecture Think Tank), its practice, its memorial production, and its representation (Kevin Bernard Moultrie Daye) in U.S. sundown towns (Rasheedah Phillips), Ireland & Palestine (Emily Jacir), Warsaw & Paris (Michael Rothberg), the Indian Subcontinent (Syma Tariq), the Horn of Africa (Nasra Abdullahi & Miriam Hillawi Abraham), the Sahara (Meryem-Bahia Arfaoui), in dictatorial and bordering regimes (Shahram Khosravi), and more. “They Have Clocks, We Have Time” is an expression we heard a few times in Kanaky, where the cyclicity of the clocks may reinsure the colonial order, but its end is only… a matter of time.

The issue’s cover is an artwork by Black Quantum Futurism.

The News from the Fronts section includes a text on the Colombian uprising (Edna Martinez), a reflection on solidarity with Palestine (Sophia Azeb), as well as a presentation of the artistic project National Museum of Eelam (Jeyavishni Francis Jeyaratnam & Simon-Pierre Coftier). The issue also includes a short fiction by Shahram Khosravi.