TSHEPO MADLINGOZI /// There Is Neither Truth Nor Reconciliation in South Africa


In this conversation with Léopold Lambert in the Center for Applied Legal Studies at Wits University (Johannesburg) that he directs, Tshepo Madlingozi exposes the many reasons that made the 1996 Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) a reinforcement of settler colonialism and white supremacy in South Africa. Associating the theoretical framework of Steve Biko’s Black Consciousness with a legal examination of the way “transitional justice” has been operating since the official end of the Apartheid in 1994, Tshepo shows us that actual decolonization of what he calls “the country with no name” has never been on the table.

Tshepo Madlingozi is a lawyer working on critical philosophy of law and how constitutionalism perpetuates settler colonialism. He is a professor at Wits University school of law in Johannesburg, as well as the director of the Center for Applied Legal Studies.