SADIA SHIRAZI, OLIVIA AHN & MINH-HA T. PHAM /// The Funambulist Magazine Launch at e-flux


We happily launched The Funambulist Magazine on August 13 at e-flux (New York) in the presence of several dozens of friends and intrigued readers. Following are a few photographs, as well as the presentations given that night. You can listen to the full presentation which includes my introduction to the magazine, as well as the three first issue, or specifically listen to each of the three presentations given by Sadia Shirazi about the militarization of Lahore (Funambulist Magazine 01/Sept15: Militarized Cities), Olivia Ahn about the american suburbia as a spatial apparatus producing gender (Funambulist Magazine 02/Nov15: Suburban Geographies), and Minh-Ha T. Pham about a particular high heel shoe that supposes the existence of a standardized “Asian foot” (Funambulist Magazine 03/Jan16: Clothing Politics).

– Sadia Shirazi, “Lahore: Architecture of In/Security,” in The Funambulist 1 (Sept-Oct. 2015) Militarized Cities.
– Olivia Ahn, “American Suburbia: Gender Production, Contested Spaces, and Body Exclusion,” in The Funambulist 2 (Nov-Dec 2015) Suburban Geographies.
– Minh-Ha T. Pham, “Hong Kong High Heels: Race as a Sartorial Construct,” in The Funambulist 3 (Jan-Feb 2016) Clothing Politics.

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