JESSICA MYERS /// Producing a Podcast About the City, Safety, and Identities


This conversation with Jessica Myers occurred in the context of her recording of a second season of the podcast “Here There Be Dragons” about the way city residents experience neighborhoods in various way. While the first season was dedicated to New York (in particular regarding gentrification), the second one will be about Paris and the notion of safety and identities. After Jessica interviewed me (absent here, but fragments will be part of this second season), she returned the favor and talked to me about this project and a few of the responses that she had collected through the 31 other interviews that she made during her stay in Paris.

Jessica Myers is a master’s student at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Coming from a background in architecture, urban theory, and design she has worked in diverse practices ranging from archivist and exhibitions coordinator to writer in New York and Paris. She is currently working to blend mapping, audio, and research practices to explore insecurity, fear, and identity in the urban context.