CONCRETE ACTION /// A Disobedient Platform for Architecture Whistleblowers


This conversation with two members of a relatively new whistleblowing platform — we called them Sarah and Cleo to preserve their anonymity — intends to present the latter. It allows people working on development projects in London to leak information that can be used by local inhabitant associations to organize in time their defense against their planned eviction. We discuss the platform both theoretically — the conceptual approach to disobedience will be presented in the next conversation with Elena Loizidou — and practically, through the perspective of (often young) architects working in development projects, and the ones of local associations through the workshops organized by Concrete Action. Information about how to leak documents and maintains a degree of anonymity are explained on their website.

Concrete Action is a platform to provide support for architecture and planning professionals and communities fighting for housing in London. This space is for those working in building design, planning and construction to anonymously provide advance information on proposed developments, to disseminate planning and development knowledge to communities and activists, and to link professionals who are willing provide educational and design services for those negatively affected by property development.




– Concrete Action, “London Housing Struggles – 2005-2032”:

London Housing Struggles