CAMILLE LACADÉE /// Making Films, Making Myths


This conversation was recorded in October 2013 with Camille Lacadée a moment before she filmed the installation she designed with François Roche for the Retrospective Pierre Huyghe at the Pompidou Center. The particularity of this podcast is that the editing was kindly made by Camille herself who ‘saved’ it from the atmospheric noise that surrounded us when recording it. This conversation constitutes a casual account of the creative process that she and her partner, François Roche, use in order to create works at the intersection of cinema and architecture. The recurrent element of these films (see below) could be seen in the (re)creation of mythological narratives that challenge our perception of space, as well as its modes of production.

Camille Lacadée graduated in 2009 from École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, after passing her RIBA Part 1 in 2008 from the Architectural Association in London. Since then she has lived and worked in Asia (Japan, India and Thailand) and is currently co-leading New-Territories [eIf/bʌt/c] architecture studio in Bangkok while teaching workshops and studios in several universities. She is manipulating the intimate relationship between the architecture and film disciplines, mainly through the design and realization of intertwined scenarized ‘props’ and short films, in a Siamese bi-production …  [eIf/bʌt/c] is an institute for contingent scenario created in 2011 by the co-founders Camille Lacadée & François Roche.




 … Would Have Been My Last Complaint  / Movie 12mn

Although (in) hapnea  / Movie 15mn

– (Beau)strosity / Movie 5mn

– Feral Child Prelude / Movie 4mn



– Timidity Symptom / Movie 3 mn