Daily Podcast #21 Chandni Desai /// Cultural and Land-Based Palestinian Resistance



Chandni Desai is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on anti-colonial practices of resistance against settler colonial capitalist imperialism and genocide specifically focusing on Palestinian resistance. Chandni is working on a book tentatively titled Revolutionary Circuits of Liberation: The Radical Tradition of Palestinian Cultural Resistance and Internationalism. She recently co-edited a special issue on Decolonization and Palestine for the journal Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education and Society. She has also been involved in the Palestinian solidarity organizing for over a decade. Special thanks to Deborah Cowen for putting us in touch.


As many of us are confined in many places of the world, we wanted to provide you with a daily podcast in partnership with Radio Alhara emitting from Palestine. Our ambition for it is to not add to the saturation of information we are currently experiencing but, rather, to propose a daily extension 15-minute of our political imaginaries.

The concept is very simple. Every day, we ask one person the same question: “what is for you a moment of true decolonization?” The answer can be a historial moment or something they witnessed; something heroic and grandiose, or rather discreet and mundane; a durable blow to the structures of colonialism or a short instant of liberation.

While we are recording this podcast in privileged conditions of confinement, we keep in our thoughts the multitude of people around the world who do not share similar conditions or have no choice but to risk being affected by the pandemic because of criminal policies that have to do with neoliberalism, carceralism, or colonialism

We thank you for listening and wish you and your loved ones the very best wherever you are.

(music by hooksounds originals)

Radio Alhara The Funambulist

NB. The Funambulist daily podcast is also played every day at 3:30PM, Palestine time, on  راديو الحارة Radio Alhara, a new radio produced from locked-down Bethlehem and Ramallah, along with another 15-minute production about worldwide solidarity, created specifically by The Funambulist for the purpose of this show.