Rosanna Puyol Boralevi

Puyol Rosanna

Rosanna Puyol Boralevi is a poet, editor and collaborates with artists for exhibitions, video & performance programmes. Co-founder of Brook press, she publishes French translations of books engaged in and nourished by feminism and antiracism, a literature that is both poetic and analytical, forms of writing such as essays, manifestos, fiction and critique. She also organises, often with friends, reading and translation groups.

Through Brook, Rosanna published texts by Saidiya Hartman, José Esteban Muñoz, Laura Mulvey, Shulamith Firestone. Together with Léna Monnier and Sandar Tun Tun, she coordinated Fred Moten & Stefano Harney The Undercommons, Fugitive Planning and Black Study translation workshops (Brook, 2022). Today, she works with Pauline L. Boulba, Aminata Labor and Nina Kennel translating and editing of compilation of writings by the author, lesbian critic and activist Jill Johnston (to be published by Brook in 2024). 

In 2022-2023, Rosanna and Mawena Yehouessi organised exhibitions, alongside a performance & workshop programme, at Villa Arson, Beaux-Arts school in Nice (FR), its was following a course they devised around translation, black study, refusal and poetry, as well as many collaborations in poetry and translation.

Rosanna’s first book, D’l’or, will soon come out with After 8 books. Two poems, under the title A thing conducting, were published by Publication Studio; other poems by magazines such as Mouvement, Dispersantxs (ed. The Cheapest University) and C’est les vacances (ed. Burn-Août).

Photo by Mona Varichon