Nattakitta Chuasiriphattana

Chuasiriphattana Nattakitta

Nattakitta Chuasiriphattana is a freshly graduated from an International program in design and architecture, Chulalongkorn University. Her final year project is a reflection on her identity and her thinking framework as a designer, challenging a typical representation of an architectural project. An attempt to objectify research in a subjective matter and reinterpret the physical term of an Architecture outcome. This project Manifestation of Truth is a design of a theoretical framework of interpretation, understanding the structure of information and exchange path, by researching on crowd analysis and the behavioral transmission from an individual to larger scale. This project is an attempt to express every field of interests she has as a person, social, politics, psychology, history, communications etc. Therefore, being able to expand her point of view on design towards this publication is a great opportunity to explore other possibilities and potential in using architecture as a forensic-research tool.