Mohammed Zaanoun

Zaanoun Mohammed

Mohammed Zaanoun is 33 years old from Gaza and his hometown is Jaffa. He has been working in journalism as a photographer for 14 years. “Life is so desperate here in Gaza due to the ongoing unrest events. And my work in Journalism means that I am at risk of death or injury at any moment wherever I go to cover such events. At the beginning of my work in 2006, I was seriously injured. This was a reason to end my life, yet all praise to God, I have received treatment at many hospitals for a year, and I get better and returned to my work. I have recovered all the wars on Gaza. Moreover, I keep covering all the events happen here in my city, such as the latest event of “the Great March of Return”, in which I aim at echoing the reality to the whole world. This requires boldness and daring, so the world must know that courage is priceless.”