Melisa Betts

Betts Melisa

Melisa Betts is a Saint Louis native and recent graduate from the dual Master of Urban Design/Master of Architecture program at Washington University in Saint Louis. Before gaining her Masters in Architecture, Melisa graduated from the University of Missouri in 2011 with a BS in Interior Design and has worked as a commercial Interior Designer for the University of Missouri. During her studies at Washington University, Melisa’s focus was on the “Architecture of Division” and has devoted her free time to studying the connections between race, architecture, community engagement, and place making. Melisa also blogs about her experiences in race + architecture at and has recently started the website — a collaboration with Wash U colleague Kayle Langford.OmittedVoices takes a critical look at homelessness and redevelopment in Saint Louis’ Chouteau’s Landing. Melisa’s work can be viewed in the 2013, 2014, and 2015 editions of APPROACH the Samfox School of Art & Design’s publication of outstanding student work, as well as on her website. In addition to working as a Faculty Assistant at Washington University in Saint Louis, Melisa works full time as an Architectural Designer for SPACE Architects in Saint Louis, MO and is currently developing the research partnership: ElevenEleven Design. Melisa was recently awarded an Alpha Rho Chi medal for her leadership, service and merit in design.