Lucie Bacon

Bacon Lucie

Lucie Bacon is a PhD candidate in geography. As a research fellow since October 2014, she is mainly linked to Migrinter (University of Poitiers), a research laboratory specialized in international migrations studies. As part of an international co-direction, with Nelly Robin (Migrinter), Pierre Sintès (Telemme, Aix-Marseille University) and Selma Porobić (Center for Refugees and IDPs Studies, Sarajevo), she is currently preparing a doctoral thesis on migratory paths and experiences of migrants from Africa, Middle and Far East in Balkans, and more specifically in Bosnia-and-Herzegovina. As a geographer, her work includes an important critical thinking about the migratory phenomenon mapping, which usually occurs the diversity of migrants’ practices, experiences and subjectivities. Following the example of radical geography cartographers, she works and campaigns for a cartographic representation showing the migratory paths complexity. Her aim is to distance herself from the institutional and mediatized cartography, at the root of a too featureless perception of the traveled space, giving static and ordered analysis of the migratory phenomenon.