Juan López Intzín

Lopez Intzin Juan

Juan López Intzín is a Mayan speaker of Tseltal, born in Tenejapa, Chiapas; Mexico. Holder of a B.A. in Sociology and graduate from the M.A. program in Social Anthropology at the Iberoamericana University in Mexico City. Invited professor at the M.A. program at the Indigenous Peasant University online. His main research focus are Tseltal Mayan ethical and philosophical concepts such as: Ch’ulel (Spirit-Consciousness), Ich’el ta muk’ (Respect and recognition for the greatness of everything extant), Lekil Kuxinel-Kuxlejal (Dignified-plentiful-just-Life/Good life) and Sna’el k’inal (Knowledge-encounter of/with the world-life). These concepts are part of what is known as epistemologies of the heart along a decolonial/dedomestication line of being. Amongst his most recent publications are: sentipensar el género desde los pueblos originarios; Ch’ulel pluriverso [To Feelthink Gender from the Originary Peoples’ Point of View; Ch’ulel pluriverse], (UNAM 2015). He is a videodocumentarist since 2000. Amongst his most notable works are: Por nuestra vida ofrendas [For Our Life Offerings] for which I won the first place in the Indigenous Film and Video Morelia Film Festival in 2008; Música del corazón [Music of the Heart]; Ts’ajal-sul-Diosa del agua [Ts’ajal-sul-Godess-of-Water]; j-Amtel (shown in the First International Film Festival of San Cristóbal, October 2015). He is currently member of the Fray Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Center.