Jos Boys

Boys Jos

Jos Boys is co-founder with Zoe Partington of UK-based The DisOrdinary Architecture Project. This is a platform bringing together disabled artists and built environment students, educators and practitioners for creative and positive actions and dialogue that can demonstrate how disability is a valuable and generative force in design, rather than a technical and legalistic ‘problem’. Our mission is: To promote activity that develops and captures models of new practice for the built environment, led by the creativity and experiences of disabled artists. DisOrdinary Architecture has been developing its expertise in co-developed disability and architecture activities since 2008. It has a committed network of about 25 disabled artists, together with a larger group who get involved in particular projects; as well as a similar number of architectural students, educators and professionals who support our work. Jos is author of Doing Disability Differently: an alternative handbook on architecture, dis/ability, and designing for everyday life Routledge 2014.and editor of Disability, Space, Architecture: A Reader (Ed) Routledge 2017.