Jessica “Coco” Hansell

Coco Solid

Writer, musician and visual artist Coco Solid is Jessica Hansell, a Māori/Sāmoan/German artist from Auckland. Hansell started out making her own zines/comics and musically came up through underground punk and rap. She went on to form groups Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation, Germany), Badd Energy (Flying Nun, NZ) and 9-member rap collective Fanau Spa. Hansell also runs projects like Kuini Qontrol (an online hub for podcasts, music and club nights) and Equalise My Vocals (amplifying creative women, LGBTQI and decolonising voices in the Pacific). Hansell is the first woman to direct and write an adult cartoon in New Zealand for network television with her show “Aroha Bridge.” She is part of Piki Films, a small group of Māori/Pasifika screenwriters hand-picked by filmmaker Taika Waititi.