Haochen Yang

Yang Haochen

Haochen Yang is holding a master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the South China University of Technology in China. He is currently working at the Skidmore, Owings & Merrill DC office on large-scale city practices and architecture designs.

With the position on Architecture ’Architecture is by no means the core of all problems,’ Haochen Yang is pursuing an interaction between architecture and urban design through his design practices. Subject emphasizes the attributions of the subject itself, while the study of the object is not limited to the materiality level, yet depending on different occasions. With this standpoint, he began to clear the identity of the subject on the premise of architecture as an object. Urban design, in his eyes, is built on the subject of cities and takes into account the figure-ground relationship at an urban scale, within which public space serves as the ground while architecture as figures. Proceeding from a systematic way of seeking for the solution of urban issues, and comprehensive consideration for effective cooperation with architecture, the urban design eventually brings limitations to each building in a positive way, thus to better urban services when architecture turns itself into a subject.