Introduction: Abstract Normative Bodies vs. Anti-Ableist Architectures



Welcome to the nineteenth issue of The Funambulist, which begins the fourth year of its existence as a magazine. This volume is dedicated to a political struggle that has been too seldom addressed throughout the pages of past issues and that nevertheless very much mobilizes “the politics of space and bodies” that The Funambulist proposes to discuss: the fight against ableism. This choice of words is important: rather than invoking disability rights or “inclusiveness” — a concept that goes against the editorial line of this issue, as we will see further — we favor the notion of ableism as the key object of investigations here. Just like structural racism should be addressed through considerations about white supremacy, and homophobia through considerations about heteronormativity, we should not consider disabled bodies without the system that creates such a category in the first place, namely ableism. In other words, disability, as we understand it in this issue (and as some of us experience it) is not an anatomic, biological, or neurological condition but, rather, a political one.