Past Issues

The Funambulist 11 Featured

Designed Destructions

Open Access

The precise and strategic political order behind the apparent disorder of debris and ruins in the Uyghur Region, Mali, Martinique, Lebanon, Syria, the U.S., Bosnia, Eelam, and Palestine.

The Funambulist 10 Featured 1

Architecture & Colonialism

Open Access

Examining the crucial complicity played by architecture in the enforcement of colonial violence in Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Kenya, Java, Iran, Jordan, Nigeria, Algeria, and South Africa.

The Funambulist 09 Featured


Open Access

Indigenous and demilitarizing islander struggles in Hawai'i, Puerto Rico, Mayotte, Kanaky, Tuvalu and Kiribati, Nauru, Diego Garcia, Lesvos, and Okinawa.

The Funambulist 08 Featured 1


Open Access

An examination of why police brutality is not a deviation but merely police's normalized function in the U.S., France, Germany, Brazil, and Palestine.

The Funambulist 07 Featured

Health Struggles

Health as not merely what keeps a body from dying but as the most incarnate level of bodily politics.