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Imagining Black, Palestinian, Indigenous, Maori, queer, and revolutionary futurities to inform our political horizons.

The Funambulist 23 Featured

Insurgent Architectures

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Architecture is always violent, but what happens when architects and designers decide to use this violence for revolutionary agendas? Accounts from Afghanistan, Turkey, Australia, China, Germany, the U.S., Spain, Brazil, Lebanon, and La RĂ©union.

The Funambulist 22 Featured

Publishing the Struggle

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Publishing is a fundamental part of political struggles. Canonical publications in Black America and Pacific, Algeria, Palestine, and the Tricontinental and young ones from Egypt, France, South Africa, Lebanon, and Spain.

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Space & Activism

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Appropriating the city space for political struggles in Guinea, Kashmir, Chiapas, Kanaky, the U.K., France, Palestine, and the U.s.

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The Space of Ableism

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Architecture is one of the key components of the way ableism structures itself in the world. We examine its logics and feature anti-ableist strategies and spaces.

The Funambulist 17 Featured

Weaponized Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a fundamental component of colonialism in Canada, Singapore, Armenia, central Asia, Palestine, the Persian Gulf, Colombia, and Syria.

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Proletarian Fortresses

Open Access

A resolutely political reading of self-built neighborhoods, appropriated architectures, refugee camps, and worker quarters in Morocco, Portugal, Brazil, Palestine, Hong Kong, France, Greece, and Syria.