Past Issues

The Funambulist 17 Featured

Weaponized Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a fundamental component of colonialism in Canada, Singapore, Armenia, central Asia, Palestine, the Persian Gulf, Colombia, and Syria.

The Funambulist 16 Featured

Proletarian Fortresses

A resolutely political reading of self-built neighborhoods, appropriated architectures, refugee camps, and worker quarters in Morocco, Portugal, Brazil, Palestine, Hong Kong, France, Greece, and Syria.

The Funambulist 15 Featured

Clothing Politics #2

Our second issue about the corporeal politics of the clothe in the U.S., Algeria, Okinawa, Afghanistan, Iran, Peru, etc.

The Funambulist 14 Featured 1

Toxic Atmospheres

Colonial control of atmospheres and "breathing combat" in Viet Nam, France, Algeria, Japan, the U.S., Madagascar, and Lebanon.

The Funambulist 13 Featured 1

Queers Feminists & Interiors

A critique of the normative violence of gender in the context of indoor architectures in Hong Kong, France, Italy, Ecuador, the U.S., etc.

The Funambulist 12 Featured

Racialized Incarceration

Incarceration through the racialized prism of settler colonialism and structural racism in Australia, the U.S., France, Canada, and Lebanon.

The Funambulist 11 Featured

Designed Destructions

The precise and strategic political order behind the apparent disorder of debris and ruins in the Uyghur Region, Mali, Martinique, Lebanon, Syria, the U.S., Bosnia, Eelam, and Palestine.

The Funambulist 10 Featured 1

Architecture & Colonialism

Examining the crucial complicity played by architecture in the enforcement of colonial violence in Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Kenya, Java, Iran, Jordan, Nigeria, Algeria, and South Africa.

The Funambulist 09 Featured


Indigenous and demilitarizing islander struggles in Hawai'i, Puerto Rico, Mayotte, Kanaky, Tuvalu and Kiribati, Nauru, Diego Garcia, Lesvos, and Okinawa.