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The Funambulist 32 Featured


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The Pan-African political project, from the Haitian Revolution to the future; from Accra to Lisbon; from Dar es Salaam to Harlem; from Algiers to Cape Town.

The Funambulist 31 Featured

Politics of Food

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Anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, maroon, indigenous, reparative perspective on food and cooking from the Carribean, the Indian subcontinent, Palestine, Algeria, Europe, and North America.

The Funambulist 30 Featured


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Perspectives on the question of Reparations in settler colonial and post-slavery contexts in Southern and North Africa, the Caribbean, France, England, the United States, and Aboriginal Australia.

The Funambulist 29 Featured

States of Emergency

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States of Emergency as exacerbation of colonial violence, not as "exception." Examples from South Africa, Kashmir, France, Baltimore, the North of Ireland, Algeria, Kanaky, Syria, and Malaya.

The Funambulist 28 Featured

Our Battles

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Texts and drawings describing six revolutionary battles in 1973 Athens, 1976 Soweto , 2011 Cairo, 2017 Charlottesville/Durham & Santa Fe, and 2019 Hong Kong.

The Funambulist 27 Featured

Learning with Palestine

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A collaboration with the Palestine Festival of Literature featuring conversations drawing parallels between Palestine and Turtle Island, Pakistan, Algeria, Lebanon, and the Black diaspora.

The Funambulist 25 Featured

Self Defense

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A dive into the ethics of the strategic use of political violence in Gaza, Black America, Japan, Eelam, Rojava, Kashmir, Algeria, and India.

The Funambulist 24 Featured


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Imagining Black, Palestinian, Indigenous, Maori, queer, and revolutionary futurities to inform our political horizons.