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This time is a very particular one. 800 millions of people around the world are in home confinement in exacerbated differences of social classes, while many others, whether medical staff or workers of many sectors of activity are forced to put their health at risk for us, others. Meanwhile, we are saturated of information about the pandemic: some useful ones, some misleading ones, some — most of them — overwhelming ones. This is how we have decided to start a daily podcast series entitled “A Moment of True Decolonization” while we are ourselves in confinement. We however wanted to do more for you and, following the example of many publishing houses, we wanted to offer you a two-week free access to The Funambulist’s archive of every article we published in 28 issues in their online version. Before you do so, we simply ask you to read the paragraph below.

Although our work allows a relatively high degree of adaptation to the situation, we can already tell that the next two months will be financially more difficult than usual for us as orders are becoming scarce and several people are cancelling their subscriptions — those constitute 2/3rd of our incomes — most likely due to their own increased financial difficulties. If you appreciate our work and have the means to do so, we would really appreciate you ordering an issue or, better yet, subscribe monthly or annually to The Funambulist. Thank you very much for your consideration. We wish you an excellent read!

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