The Battle for Internationalization and Independence



The Algerian Revolution was, of course, a battle in Algeria and, to a lesser extent, in France. Yet, it was also an international fight between the FLN and its supporters and the French state and those eager to learn from its counter-revolutionary doctrine. Samia Henni describes this battle and its legacy from the 1960s all the way to the ongoing Hirak.

This text is part of The Funambulist 42 (July-August 2022) Algerian Independence and Global Revolution 1962-2022. It will be available for reading to all subscribers on July 4, 2022.

Henni Funambulist 2
On July 5, 1962, a buoyant crowd celebrates Algerian Independence in the streets of Algiers. / Photo by Mohamed Kouaci. Samia Henni and The Funambulist would like to thank Adel Ben Bella, a filmmaker and a PhD candidate in Modern Culture and Media at Brown University, for selecting two photographs from the archives of the Algerian photographer Mohamed Kouaci, and Safia Kouaci for accepting to publish them in this issue. 60 photographs from the Kouaci archive will be exhibited for the first time in the United States at the Granoff Center at Brown University from October 12-28, and at the Maison Fran├žaise at Columbia University from November 1-11 in an exhibit curated by Adel Ben Bella as part of the event Thinking Algeria at 60: Images from a Revolution.