Palestine of the Martyrs… and Palestine of the Living



Translation from Arabic by Batoul Faour (original version in the second half of this page).

Few national flags remain revolutionary after the establishment of a state associated with it, and few national flags are eagerly associated with the one of another, relatively distant nation. This is however the case of the Algerian and Palestinian flags, flown together by the Algerian people as if they were inseparable. Salah Badis gives us a historical and present description of this unwavering solidarity.

The most recent Palestinian uprising of May 2021 spread from the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem to the rest of the world, making its way through Palestinian masses and diasporas everywhere. During these frantic days we experienced from behind our phone screens, following and reporting on the unfolding events, trapped between a physical world that marginalizes the Palestinian cause and a virtual one that censors it completely, Riyad Mahrez, an Algerian national and football player for Manchester City, posted an image of the Palestinian flag on his Twitter account with the hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah.

Arab audiences once again celebrated “Riyad Mahrez the pride of the Arabs,” while criticizing the Egyptian Liverpool star Mohamed Salah for his delayed public support of Palestine. Mahrez’s tweet seemed intuitive. Algerians all over the world raise both Palestinian and Algerian flags with the same enthusiasm and at every opportunity, even in matches without a single Algerian player. But this is another story, let’s stay with Palestine for the moment.