Before, During, and After the Revolution: A Personal and Internationalist Lens



Translated from French by Hicham Touili-Idrissi

This extensive conversation with Daho Djerbal takes us from a personal account of his childhood and teenage memories—of both daily life under settler colonialism and Independence Day in Oran—to a description of several scales of internationalism Algeria has been involved with before, during, and after the Revolution in the Maghreb, the African Continent, the Arab region, and the Third World.

This interview is part of The Funambulist 42 (July-August 2022) Algerian Independence and Global Revolution 1962-2022. It will be available for reading to all subscribers on July 4, 2022.

Djerbal Funambulist 2
A couple of hundreds of Algerians celebrate with great joy the Independence in/on a bus in Algiers on July 3, 1962. This photo was taken by Jean-Paul Margnac, a 25-year-old constricted French soldier who disobeyed the order to remain in his barrack in order to witness the celebrations.