Algeria, 1962: A Close Examination of a Pivotal Space-Time



In 2022, Malika Rahal published an entire book dedicated to 1962 Algeria, which subverts immutable chronological narratives by compiling a “people’s history” through oral histories, rumors, emotions, objects, clothes, hand signals, and even airwaves. Sixty years later, she brings us into the tangible reality of this pivotal moment.

This interview is part of The Funambulist 42 (July-August 2022) Algerian Independence and Global Revolution 1962-2022. It will be available for reading to all subscribers on July 4, 2022.

Chronocartography Algeria 1962 Leopold Lambert
A chronocartography of the Algeria 1962 space-time drawn by Léopold Lambert with data provided by Malika Rahal (2022).