Dreaming a Sovereign Indigenous Future



“How can we demand technological sovereignty as Indigenous people?” asks Suzanne Kite in this text between a poem and a manifesto. Envisioning various trajectories of responses to this question, she establishes a framework of thinking around Indigenous protocols for Artificial Intelligence.

Article published in The Funambulist 24 (July-August 2019) Futurisms. Click here to access the rest of the issue.

I heard my biometrics.

Coded in rejected hierarchies

simultaneously transmitting as receiving

data from that place.

I heard rumors

of other Listeners in stories traded for carbon SpineTabs.


that they desire our evasion techniques.

Most survivors will stay in these cities

because they cannot know the terrain,

forced to rely on falsified maps

which all have roads that lead

back the way they came.

Lawless listening devices prey on wandering Locatables.

The only true survival technique is to Listen.

Sometimes I only imagine I hear it.

“Just to the side of now is an infinite silence

called the future.”