Pensaré: Publishing Cardboard Books as a Political Practice



The content of publications is paramount and Pensaré’s numerous anti-colonial and feminist books’ contents certainly confirms this. Yet, the Mexico and Spain-based publishing collective also argues for a political practice of the material (in their case, cardboard) and craft used to print and bind books.

Pensaré Cartoneras is an autonomous publishing collective located between southern Mexico and the Kingdom of Spain’s eastern coast. Beyond publishing, we partake in a web of collectives and people; that’s our struggle. As an answer to the Zapatista question, “what about you?” Placing ourselves in the activist-editorial system, we walk forward by bothering others (and ourselves) with texts about feminisms, anti-racism, anti-colonialism or autonomous and land struggles.

These are some work notes for the how and why we do the things we do. Just those two, how and what for, are the questions that pierce our stomachs and makes our hearts beat. When talking about us — a small transnational, publishing collective that makes books — we can also talk about life, autonomous politics, colonialism, and many other things. Because we can speak about ourselves in a self-critical way, we do not always need people to speak for us.

When Facing New Enclosures, Break the Expected Shape of the Book ///