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Publishing the Struggle

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Publishing the Struggle constitutes an introspection for us, questioning the contents and forms of political publications. As such, it features articles about historical/canonical and contemporary publications that serves directly or indirectly a specific political movement. The description of The Black Panther newspaper (Jane Rhodes), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Bulletin (Danah Abdulla), the Tricontinental and OSPAAAL publications (Josh MacPhee), the Pacific Indigenous periodicals (Angélique Stastny), and the censored European publishers of the Algerian Revolution (Todd Shepard) are put in a productive dialogue about the politics of contents and form of young publications from Egypt (Mada Masr), South Africa (Pathways to Free Education), Lebanon (Kohl Journal), France (métagraphes), and Spain/Mexico (Pensaré Cartoneras).

As for the News from the Fronts section, it includes articles on the Dhaka garment workers’ strike (Parsa Sanjana Sajid), feminism in architecture schools (Chloe Spiby Loh), anti-racist and decolonial activism in Brussels (Khadija Senhadji), the Black struggle against gentrification in Washington D.C. (Brandi Thompson Summers), and the Argentinian annual women’s national center (Analía Cid)

Editor-in-Chief: Léopold Lambert
Editorial assistant: Nadia El Hakim
Head of Strategic Outreach: Margarida Nzuzi Waco
Contributing Copy Editor: Carol Que
Contributing Translator: Chanelle Adams

Past Issues

Cropped The Funambulist 37 Featured

Against Genocide (guest edited by Zoé Samudzi)

A special issue guest edited by Zoé Samudzi constructing a dialogue between genocidal histories in Zimbabwe, Brazil, Ethiopia, Korea, Namibia, the U.S., Artsakh and more... while critiquing the legal and political concept of genocide as calibrated on eurocentric criteria.

The Funambulist 36 Featured

They Have Clocks, We Have Time

An issue to challenge the colonial standardization of time, its measurement, its retrospective reading as "history," its practice, its memorial production in U.S. sundown towns, Ireland & Palestine, Warsaw & Paris, the Indian Subcontinent, the Horn of Africa, the Sahara, in dictatorial and bordering regimes, and more.

The Funambulist 35 Featured

Decolonial Ecologies

Open Access

Indigenous, Black, and racialized settler perspectives on the impossibility for ecologies to operate without decolonization in Turtle Island, the Caribbean, Oceania, Brazil, and the Congo.

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The Paris Commune and the World

An internationalist issue to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Commune, dialoguing with communal experiences in Syria, Venezuela, China, Martinique, Mexico, Tunisia, and more.

The Funambulist 33 Featured

Spaces of Labor

Space as racial/gender capitalist exploitation; space as unionized/organized resistance in Bangladesh, France, Mexico, Lebanon, the U.S., Palestine, Canada, and Spain.

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Open Access

The Pan-African political project, from the Haitian Revolution to the future; from Accra to Lisbon; from Dar es Salaam to Harlem; from Algiers to Cape Town.