Break Through the White Noise: to Be an Antifascist Today in Italy



Italian policies continue to increase their violence, in particular since the Conte government took over. Annalisa Cannito invites us to read the current manifestations of structural racism in Italy through the colonial and fascist history of the country, as well as to wonder what being antifascist means today.

Translated from French by Chanelle Adams.

The white noise is a kind of invisible shield that prevents one from receiving and interpreting information coming from other sources. It has the capability to reassure the listener because it is ever present and constant. The political use of traditional mainstream media, such as newspapers and broadcast media, as well as the internet, reflect and shape prevailing currents of thought coming from white, chauvinistic, male, right-wing groups and parties. All the toxic white noise about borders, control, invasion, Italianness, nationalism, security, Christianity, the heteronormative family, pro-life arguments, and so on, that surround us from school to work, from home to internet, from museum to street, have a direct and brutal impact on the daily lives of many people and so, must be constantly counteracted.