Political Walks: Karachi



Article published in The Funambulist 11 (May-June 2017) Designed Destructions. Click here to access the rest of the issue.

Shershah Scrap Yards. 2017

There is a sludge
beneath the earth
moving with cohesive force;
gaining momentum
with the burial of
discarded fragments.
It moves to find its way,
to finds its place
to find its meaning.
How long will it remain there
discarded and hidden
under the ground
beneath the grating hatchways
beneath the many decks?

There, on the fringes of the city
within its landfills
inside metallic scrapyards
are collections of discarded things
gathered in unlikely lists
There are pieces of Karachi
telling stories of a city;
of many cities within cities-
as they press against its walls.
There is an acid fracture
an air drill
an annular blowout
an artificial lift
an automatic slip
a bailing
a belly buster
a bit
a blind ram
a block
a blooey line
a blowout
a bore hole
a bullet perforator
a casing
a cathead
a catline
a cementing
a chain drive
a choke
a christmas tree
a completion rig