davidharvey.org is Harvey’s official website and provides the totality of his class (in video) dissecting Marx’s Capital in City University of New York. David Harvey who was lecturing last Saturday for the last session of the Oppositional Architecture, claims that the current economic crisis has weakened capitalism enough for us to have the opportunity to interfere. He is calling for an “eco-communism” (as he was saying people freak out when he says he is a communist but much less when he add “eco” to it…) which tackles an interesting issue about whether or not the word “communism” should be still used as Alain Badiou, Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt think or is this word already too much connoted by the Stalin and Mao experience (which would deserve to be called totalitarian collectivism rather than communism).
Anyway David Harvey’s lectures and classes are more than ever worth listening and his website is providing information in a rare generosity which is really appreciable.