Teach-In: The Architecture of Settler Colonialism in Palestine


A teach-in for all architecture students. November 11, 2023

Dear architecture students around the world

Let’s face it, architecture is settler colonialism’s best friend.

It is a reality that you may or may not learn at school, but it feels like our political duty to provide the necessary tools to those of you who are interested in engaging with it.

We are currently millions to feel powerless witnessing from afar the genocide currently unfolding on Palestinians of Gaza.

Fighting this powerlessness means organizing for tomorrow to support, at our own scale, the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

In order to do so, we need to be useful where we can.

For you, architecture students, this may mean understanding the geography and architecture of Israeli settler colonialism in Palestine to then be able to act upon this understanding.

This is why we are proposing a teach-in by The Funambulist editor-in-chief Léopold Lambert, who will introduce the various architectural embodiments of settler colonialism in Palestine.



November 11, 2023
6PM Paris time*

10:30PM Bombay time
7PM Johannesburg time
12PM New York time
11AM Bogota time
9AM Los Angeles time

(*make sure to double-check your time zone in case we did a mistake in the following hours
(cf. daylight savings, etc.))




1/ A comprehensive cartographic understanding of settler colonialism in all Palestine (West Bank + Gaza + ‘48, i.e. Israel)

2/ The architecture of apartheid in the West Bank and Jerusalem (walls, fences, colonies, roads, and checkpoints)

3/ The infrastructure of the siege on Gaza since 1967

4/ Architecture and the continuing Nakba in ‘48 Palestine

5/ Palestinian Refugee Camps: An architectural resistance?



Update on Nov. 11, 2023 /// We’ve received 7,598 registrations and now that we sent them the link towards the webinar, we are closing the registration. Please know that you’ll be able to attend a live streaming on The Funambulist’s YouTube channel, and that the teach-in will be recorded and will be posted on this website in the next few days.