# POLITICS /// The Colors of Resistance / An article on Deconcrete


Daniel Fernandez Pascual just posted a very interesting article on Deconcrete entitled The Purple Shall Govern. This short post introduces a form of anti-protest weapon developed and used by several police and armies in the world (South Africa, India, Israel, South Korea, Uganda, Bangladesh, Hungary among other) which consists in spraying paint on the demonstrators in order both to recognize them afterward and to socially materialize their dissidence. D. Fernandez Pascual talks about making the humiliation visible but I think that it goes even beyond that. In fact, when forms of racism based on natural signs of belonging to a gender or race, those police states wants to create exterior signs of adherence to a family of opinions. This then categorize the population into two distinct groups: the colored and the non-colored. Here I use the same terminology than the one used to talk about races (if such thing exists…)on purpose to illustrate the similitude of social exclusion involved.