# POLITICS /// Instant Publishing


There is a type of publishing which is going on in France (and probably elsewhere as well) that particularly triggers my enthusiasm; it is what I call Instant Publishing. A certain amount of intellectuals and authors refuse to write about current events as the lack of distance and information can led them to judgment mistakes. However, other intellectuals are excellent for reacting to think about “what is happening” and are thus able to provide a critical and knowledgeable opinion which contrast with the mainstream journalistic commentaries constraint by a narrow imaginary and driven by the ideology they are expressed from.

Those books are very short and cheap (around 4$) and are saddle stitched bind. I feel that it would be extremely interesting to find ways to reduce the price to a symbolical euro (or dollar) which would allow to distribute them to the biggest amount of people as possible and this way revolutionize the way of publishing.

My friends from Galaade in France associated with the beautiful authors Edouard Glissant and Patrick Chamoiseau “instant published” two very important texts in this spirit:
QUAND LES MURS TOMBENT. (When the walls fall) written in 2007 in reaction to the creation by Sarkozy’s government of a Minister of Immigration and National Identity (see previous article)
MANIFESTE POUR LES PRODUITS DE HAUTE NECESSITE. (Manifesto for the high necessity products) written in 2009 during the massive strike in the French territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique and the stench of colonialism expressed by the French government.

I also recently discover the French publisher Indigene Editions which recently published the book INDIGNEZ VOUS ! (Be Shocked) by Stephane Hessel (the same author whose intervention about the boycott of Israeli Universities at the school Normale Superieure has been canceled under the pressure of the French Jewish Organizations accusing Hessel to be ‘obsessed‘ by Israel !). This book has been written in reaction of the current French government xenophobic policies that deserve, according to Hessel, to be fought upon just like he fought Nazism in French resistance during the Second World War.