# PHILOSOPHY /// Leper Creativity: Cyclonopedia Symposium to be watched live


Good news for the non New Yorkers or people could not be at Parsons this Friday for the first Cyclonopedia Symposium, Leper Creativity (see the previous article I write about it with the links about Cyclonopedia on the Funambulist) organized by Ed Keller with Nicola Masciandaro and  Eugene Thacker around the amazing book by Iranian Philosopher Reza Negarestani, there will be an online streaming live and (probably archived) on the following link.

Here is the schedule of the day:

McKenzie Wark, “An Inhuman Fiction of Forces.”
Melanie Doherty, “Non-Oedipal Networks and the Inorganic Unconscious.”
Kate Marshall, “Cyclonopedia as Novel.”

Ed Keller, “. . . Or, Speaking with the Alien, a Refrain . . .”
Benjamin Bratton, “Peak Oil Apophenia & the Hyperbolic Archipelago.”
Juan Azulay, “Paradoxia Redux.”

1-2 Lunch

Alexander Galloway, “‘Light’ and Light.”
Nicola Masciandaro, “Gourmandized in the Abattoir of Openness.”
Eugene Thacker, “Black Infinity; or, Oil Discovers Humans.”

Alisa Andrasek, “Embodied Patterns / Non-Human Agency in Design.”
Zach Blas, “Opening Queerness.”
Ben Woodard, “The Untimely (and Unshapely) Decomposition of Onto-
Epistemological Solidity: Negarestani’s Cyclonopedia as Metaphysics.”

5-5.30 Break

5.30-6.30 Robin Mackay, “A Brief History of Geotrauma.” [multimedia feature + live

6.30-7.30 Reception