# PALESTINE /// The situation in Palestine is NOT a war


I just watched a television debate on the French television (thanks Maxime !) wondering if the current circumstances were allowing to think of a potential peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
This enunciation of the problem mimic the one which has been the topic of the very recent negotiations between Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas in Washington. Even Abbas himself posed the problem as such: “Israel has to choose between peace or the colonization”. 

HOWEVER, this enunciation is, in my opinion, symptomatic of the absolute refusal of the World to see what is the real situation in Palestine. Talking about peace implies that there is a war going on which is not the case by any mean. I affirm it; there is no war in Palestine.

Frederic Tadde├», the animator of this debate killed the latter “in utero”, when his first question to his six guests the following question: “Who is to be blamed ?” This very question implies a symmetrical conflict characterized by a mutual violence between each camps, in other words, a war. The situation in Palestine is highly different and whoever went there without a preliminary educational brainwashed knows it.

In fact when Mahmoud Abbas proposes to the Israelis to choose between colonization and peace, he knows that he is bluffing at poker with no game whatsoever and his adversary knowing it. Only the Israeli State or the International Community can enforce the application of International Law which would stop the systematic daily oppression of the Palestinian people.
I am sorry to repeat what I already wrote in numerous previous articles but one has to know that there are at least 300 000 Israeli settlers in the West Bank that are violating the article 49 of the Geneva Convention -I am not even talking about the violent acts of some settlers on the local population- and that is one aspect of the illegal status of Israel.
One other is the various humiliations of Palestinian by Israeli soldiers revealing the extreme power established between a population and an army which is composed by a tremendous amount of people who are less than 22 years old. Tzahal is claiming that those cases of humiliation -those which are carried to the public- are marginal and not revealing the professional spirit of the army and I have to recognize that I understand some of those situations of “nervous breakdown” as symptomatic of the pressure put on those kids’ shoulders associated with an educational brainwash (that is part of the Israeli military service’s package). However and despite the fact that I condemn those acts, I also recognize the same “attenuating circumstances” to the very marginal terrorist acts committed by some disoriented Palestinians.

Nowadays, the only valid argument that can be carried by the Israelis for those violation of Law is religious. In fact, only the argument according to which God’s words are the most important and that the antic territory of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. There is nothing I could argue against a Jewish fundamentalist who would affirm that a human life and human law is nothing compared to God. The defenders of Israel’s occupation should thus decide if they agree with such a extremist and violent argument or not because once again, that is the only one which functions in a system of rationality that do not contain any contradiction. Nowadays, nobody can both include Human Rights in his system of rationality and defend Israel’s colonization and occupation in the West Bank as this territory was defined in 1949 by the Green Line.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am profoundly revolted against the eternal highjack of intelligence that is effectuated in debates which constantly refuse to look at the reality as it is, and the elaboration of semantic decoys in order to hide the undeniable violations of the International Law.