# PALESTINE /// Consigned to History? Memoirs of a Closed Rafah Crossing by Sami Kishawi


I already evoked in a previous article the very good website Arena of Speculation edited by Ahmad Barclay, Nina Kolowratnik, Tashy Endres. This website gathers and edit articles focusing on the territoriality of the Palestinian struggle. In this regard, the last one, released on May 1st is a text written by Gaza activist, Sami Kishawi who mix personal memories, history of the Rafah crossing (the access point on the border between Gaza and Egypt) and speculations for the future as the new Egyptian government consider to reopen the border permanently.
Since 2005, Gaza is in fact the largest prison in the world encircled by the Israeli Army and until March 2011 the complacency of Mubarrak’s policies in Egypt for Israel and the United States. The re-opening of the border will probably not change the regular tragedy of Israeli raids and siege over Gaza (see Eyal Weizman’s lecture Forensic Architecture) that appear more to a human hunt than whatever the Israeli/American Press wants us to believe it is.

You can read Sami Kishawi’s text by following this link toward Area of Speculation.