# MUSIC /// Domus Mixtape: The Sound of the City


The Funambulist’s readers would have probably noticed that I like series articles which brings a specific interest within the frame of a larger research. I am therefore particularly sensitive to the Mixtape series published by Domus and curated by Daniel Perlin. This collection of sound and music, mixed by talented djs and artists, proposes an audio interpretation of a given city. Some attempts to catch the global atmosphere of a city (like for Rio de Janeiro), others chooses to focus on one aspect of the city’s music scene (like for Beijing).
I have been listening to almost all of them and particularly recommend Rio’s, Johannesburg’s and Harlem’s. The latter introduces a precise and local aspect of the extremely specific sound coming from New York, this sound that refuses perfection and assume its dirtiness from the Velvet Underground to the Wu-Tan Clan, from Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion to Mos Def, from Sonic Youth to the Nervous Cabaret…  This article allows me to open a new category on the blog: MUSIC.

Here is the list of the existing mixtapes:
– 01/ Mexico
– 02/ Harlem
– 03/ Buenos Aires
– 04/ Melbourne
– 05/ Milan
– 06/ London
– 07/ Johannesburg
– 08/ Moscow
– 09/ Las Vegas
– 10/ Tel Aviv
– 11/ Beijing
– 12/ Rio de Janeiro