# LIBERTY SQUARE /// Reclaim Public Space: Call for Information


Privately Owned Public Space‘s policy

As I have been writing few weeks ago, one very interesting aspect of Occupy Wall Street consists in the re-appropriation of public space as what it is supposed to be by definition: public. The constitution of an agora accessible by all because territorialized in an open space is the certitude of the democratic essence of this movement. That is for this reason that I am calling my working group to gather in the public space rather than in a classroom at the New School as I have been also writing about recently. My feeling is that, not only a classroom makes us think differently and withdraw the urgency of the project we are trying to create, the Nomadic University, but the reunion of such a working group in a private space prevents any uninformed person to take part to such meeting.

I am therefore in charge of finding us one or several parts of public space inĀ  New York City in which we could meet, talk, work and be protected from the cold weather and thought that some of my readers would be the perfect people to ask about such a piece of information. If you have an idea of an adequate place, please send me an email at contactDOTfunambulistATgmailDOTcom.
Thank you very much in advance.