Join the Team! The Funambulist Is Looking for Two Free-Lancers in Paris and in the World!


Léopold Lambert – Paris on July 18, 2018

Dear readers,

For the first time, I am making a call aiming at hiring two free-lancers (potential interns may apply too) to work part-time for The Funambulist! Following is what I hope to be a precise-enough description of the researched profiles for these two significantly different positions. The Funambulist is a structure with a small budget and staff but, as I often argued, it is crucial for me that the ethical standard of the magazine’s production be as high as its contents; as such, if you believe that this call contains unfair components, feel free to let us know:

Part-time assistant working from the office in Paris ///

  • 12 to 14 hours per week, 4 afternoons a week, for at least 6 months starting the end of August (depending on the applicant’s schedule, location, and physical ability to access the 5th-floor office, some of these weekly hours of work could be done remotely).
  • the job consists mostly in the management of the magazine’s logistics: processing orders, and subscriptions, organization of the files, email exchanges with subscribers, bookstores, and institutions, as well as attending to part of the online communication on social networks.
  • a smaller part of the job will consist in taking part in the editorial process and decisions, as it is understood that this job is also an opportunity for the applicant to learn about the making and sustaining a politically-driven magazine.
  • the applicant should be enthusiastic, trustworthy, and rigorous. They should also have an acute knowledge of the contents of the magazine and its editorial line.
  • the applicant should speak fluent English; skills in French, or in any other language constitute a significant plus but are not required.
  • skills in software such as illustrator, photoshop, indesign, or premiere/imovie constitute a significant plus, but are not required.
  • the job is paid 600 euros per month (specific skills regarding the communication part of the job, in particular video-editing, could increase this rate).
  • interviews for the position will happen throughout August, and will take place at The Funambulist office in Paris.

Part-time sales-representative working remotely ///

  • this mission will consist in defining and implementing strategies to increase the magazine’s reach and incomes internationally. This includes (although not exclusively) the increase of institutional subscriptions and potential new readers.
  • the applicant is expected to spend at least 10 hours a week working on the mission.
  • the mission does not require to be situated in a particular geography of the world — the access to an already-established network of contacts constitutes however a significant plus.
  • the applicant should have a form of training in the domain of sales, as well as experience in the publication world, and will have to work within the ethical framework defined for the mission.
  • the applicant should be self-motivated, inventive, and responsive. Importantly, they should also have an acute knowledge of the contents of the magazine and its editorial line.
  • the selected applicant will be paid 600 euros per month in addition of commissions on sales to be negotiated.
  • interviews for the position will happen throughout August, and will happen through video conference.

All applicant may apply with a cover letter and a CV (the former being more important than the latter) sent at Selected applicants will be invited to interview for one of the two positions. All applicants will receive an answer, but they might need to exercise patience.

Thank you very much.