# INSTANT ARCHITECTURES /// Modern Contemporary by Arne Quinze


Modern Contemporary is a very beautiful monograph of Belgium artist Arne Quinze‘s work. This work, despite or thanks to its obvious influences like Kawamata, Basquiat, Matta Clark, Katsushika Hokusai (whose drawing is tattooed on A.Quinze’s back) etc. manages to find a real strength which probably find its source in the overwhelming energy spent by the artist. This book, published by German publisher Hatje Cantz, is an excellent collection of the translation of this energy on the various mediums that are objects, dioramas, paintings, installations, architectures etc.
Arne Quinze manages to always flirt with the dangerous “coolness” without seeming to fall for it and the aggressiveness of his work is intelligently balanced with the apparent fragility of his creations.

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