# HISTORY /// Twenty two years ago on Tiananmen Square…


On June 4th 1989, the People’s Liberation Army following the orders of the Chinese government was massacring several hundreds of people (mostly students) who were part of a gigantic movement – around 100 000 people – of protest against the regime on Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
Since then, the Chinese government implemented an authoritarian capitalism that manage both to insure a “Pax Romana” within the Chinese territory and buy the silence of the Western World. Chinese people are now free to get as rich as they want as long as they do not contest the regime. It thus probably constitute an utopia for the globalized tyrants of the world and an unfortunate response to the Fukuyamist intellectuals of the West who were advocating for capitalism as the latter could not implement itself without democracy.

Let’s also remind everybody that it has been now two months that we did not receive any news about Ai Wei Wei who is probably still in jail for his dissident statements against the Party.