# HETEROTOPIC ARCHITECTURES /// Response of Aristide Antonas about his Zizek Residence


About three weeks ago, The Funambulist and Dpr-Barcelona both released reflections about Aristide Antonas‘ last project, the Zizek Residence, giving their interpretation of this house of seclusion for one to step back from the world in order to work and think. While Ethel Baraona Polh and Cesar Reyes were writing about the notions of heterotopia, networks and envelopes, I was myself questioning the architectural model of the Ivory Tower and evoking the potentiality of a Zarathustrian return to the world after such seclusion. After those interpretation, A. Antonas seems to have secluded indeed himself in order to respond to us in a long answer that provide a new way to envision his house.

This “dialogue à trois” was therefore very prolific and would be very interesting to continue on a regular basis. As Aristide pointed out, he is himself in Athens, Ethel and Cesar are in Barcelona, and I am myself in New York. The four of us are very far from our native land (in the wrong order, Salvador, Cyprus, France and Guatemala) and we all communicate in a foreign language. All those conditions can be also understood as forms of seclusion and the fact that we communicate with each other is not only by chance. As Aristide Antonas puts it: “Stepping back is not exactly the condition that negates the networks. It is the function that the network needs in order to be created.”

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