# FUNAMBULISTS /// Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders previewed on Deconcrete


Daniel Fernandez Pascual had the very good idea to post on Deconcrete some thoughts about the new movie of Wim Wenders which I am looking forward to see with great enthusiasm as it is built around the beautiful work of German late choreographer, Pina Bausch. The preview (see below) give a first taste of space, bodies and cameras as being orchestrated both by Wenders and Bausch’s dancers in perfect accordance with PB’s ethics which insists on the urgency and the necessity of dancing: “Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.” As the preview suggests in its beginning: “Is it Dance ? Is it Theatre ? Or is it just Life ?”, dance here needs to be understood as the celebration of the power of the body and its Spinozist indissociation with what we commonly call the soul.