# THE FUNAMBULIST PAMPHLETS /// Volume 03: DELEUZE now published


The third volume of The Funambulist Pamphlets that gathers and edits past articles of the blog about Deleuze, is now officially published by Punctum Books in collaboration with the Center for Transformative Media at Parsons The New School. You can either download the book as a PDF for free or order it online for the price of $7.00 or €6.00. Next volume to be published will be dedicated to Legal Theory. Click here to see the other volumes of The Funambulist Pamphlets

Official page of The Funambulist Pamphlets Volume 03: DELEUZE on Punctum Books’ website.

Index of the Book

Introduction: Becoming Deleuzian
01/ Minor Architects and Funambulists: A Shared Architectural Manifesto
02/ Abécédaire
03/ What Is It to Be “From the Left”
04/ The Ritournelle (refrain) as a Territorial Song Invoking the Power of the Cosmos
05/ The Body as a Desiring Machine
06/ Minor Literature
07/ What Remains from Francis Bacon
08/ Transpierce the Mountains: Indian Medieval Art History by Élie Faure
09/ Processes of Smoothing and Striation of Space in Urban Warfare
10/ A Thousand Machines by Gerald Raunig
11/ Foucault and the Society of Control
12/ Control and Becoming: A Conversation Between Negri and Deleuze
13/ “I Leave it to You to Find Your Own Instrument of Combat”: Deleuze Quotes Proust
14/ “A Sunflower Seed Lost in a Wall is Capable of Shattering that Wall”
15/ Deleuze’s Wave: About Spinoza
16/ Power (Potentia) vs. Power (Potestas): The Story of a Joyful Typhoon
17/ The World of Affects or Why Adam Got Poisoned by the Apple
18/ The Spinozist “Scream”: What Can a Body Do?
19/ “Comment disposer mes tribus? Le délire est géographico-politique”
20/ The Hypochondriac Body
21/ A Short Political Reading of Leibniz’s Small Sensations
22/ The Infinite Worlds Folded in the Dresses of Yiqing Yin
23/ The Two Architectures of the Infinite Possible Worlds: Leibniz’s Pyramid & Borges’s Garden of Forking Paths
24/ Lecture by Gilles Deleuze About the Act of Creation (May 1987)