The Funambulist 10 (March-April 2017) Architecture & Colonialism Is Now Published


Dear readers of The Funambulist,

The high frequency of publication of the magazine continues with, today, the release of the tenth issue of The Funambulist (March-April 2017) dedicated to Architecture & Colonialism (see description below). As usual, you can purchase the issue in its digital or print+digital form, or decide to support the editorial project in a sustained manner through a monthly or annual subscription — all subscribers have access to the magazine’s full online archives. Sales and subscriptions to the magazine constitute 70% of the project’s incomes (i.e., means of existence); your support is very important!


The tenth issue of The Funambulist operates somehow in continuity with issue 9 Islands (January-February 2017), which offered the words of indigenous and anticolonial struggles from various islands of the world. Voices from Kanaky, Mayotte, Hawai’i, and Puerto Rico resonate therefore here with those from Libya, Kenya, Palestine, and Java, in the colonial situations they all describe. While the last issue was dedicated to the seminal work of Édouard Glissant, inscribed throughout the pages of this present one is the influence of another Martiniquais: Frantz Fanon.

The two editorial arguments of this issue are simple: colonialism is not an era, it is a system of military/police, legal, administrative, social, and cultural system of domination; and, architecture is not (only) an aesthetic vessel, it is an apparatus organizing and hierarchizing bodies in space.

Editor-in-Chief: Léopold Lambert
Part-time assistant: Noelle Geller

Contributors: Kelsen Caldwell, Mawena Yehouessi, Jess Myers, Fabien Sacriste, Mia Fuller, Mahy Mourad, Jawad Dukhgan, Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi, Samaneh Moafi, Ann Laura Stoler, Sophia Azeb, Bruno Fert, Adele Jarrar, Haneen Odetalla, Méria Faïdi, Stefan van Biljon, Kelechi Anabaraonye.
Contributing copyeditor: Maxwell Donnewald



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